AMBER-Pedigree       PK-N/N
Amber is a great cat, with a great outgoing personality.  She has a very nice coat with very nice rosettes.  She has produced one of the best litters we have had.  She was a great mom.  She has a long body and has great contrast. 


                                          PebblesPedigree       PK-N/N
 I am so grateful for Lori of Zawieco Bengals for this precious girl.  This cat is so amazing and so full of energy that I wish I could bottle it up and sell it.  She is so playful and the first one to greet me when
 I come home from work.  I just love her head and her body type.
 She is long bodied with a very glittered coat.  She has great whisker pads and chin.

                 Phoebe and Pru

​These two females are sisters and from Ebony and Bambam.  They are best buds so I am putting them together. 

                                               EBONY-Pedigree       PK-N/N
Ebony is a wonderful sheeted charcoal Bengal with a great personality. Her coat is very silky. She is very energenic, playful, and proven to be a great mom with her first litter.  I am very proud to have her.  She has some great lines.  Between her and Bambam they have already produced my much wanted snow charcoals.

                                            LUCKY- Pedigree         PK-N/N
First I would like to say a BIG Thank you to Lori from Zawieco Bengals for this girl.  She really has that wild look.  She has such a sweet personality and she is a Mommy's girl.  When I talk to her she will cock her head like she is listening to every word.  She is very long bodied, very nice thick tail with a great head.  She has very strong whisker pads and chin.  She is my little green eyed snug bug.  Lucky is considered a Brown spotted tabby.