Below are pictures of the rest of the family and pictures of kittens in there new homes.

I have three children, whom have grown up with zoo animals.  All three had their special talents.  

My first born,Heather who is now 34yrs old
(OMG where did the time go) is now a Vet Tech.  She also rescues large birds.  My daughter has always been fascinated with birds.
She amazes me all the time on how great she is with the birds.  She can take the meanest bird and totally turn it around to be 
very calm and sweet.
My second child, Robert is now 31yrs old, and he is now in the medical field working in a Lab.  He always had a special bond 
with reptiles,  Mainly turtles.He still litterlly has turtles eating out of his hand.  Robert was also in 4H when we
were living in Texas which he did very well raising rabbits and goats.
My youngest, Daniel, is also a Vet Tech and an Animal control officer who is now 29yrs old.  I have never seen a person have so much compassion and concern for animals.  My son is so passionate about animals he one day hopes to start a non-profit animal advocacy foundation.  He is working for an Organic Veterinarian and is working with leeches and all sorts of techniques to help animals.  I am so proud of ALL my children and the people they have become with regards to helping animals.

While I was living in Texas, I started a Non-profit (501c3) big cat Santcuary.  I had my Texas Parks & Wildlife Rehabilitator's License, Texas Parks & Wildlife License, USDA License, and USDI License for endangered species.  It was the most rewarding and also the saddest experience.  It was so rewarding that I was able to help these animals which were sometimes abused and neglected. It was sad to see the results of the abuse and neglect.  All the cats that came to us were spayed or neutered.  They all became happy healthy companion animals.  

Below are pictures of our Bengals and also of Big Cats that I have had the experience to work with.  Also included are pictures of my family, myself and the family dog.  

Our Bengal cats and our Bengal kittens are our family and a big part of it.  I have worked with bengals for about over 20yrs now.  This breed of cat is vocal, vivacious, outgoing, inquisative and so sweet and loving.  They are high energy and just love to play.  We take great pride in the health and happiness of our cats.  When my grandchildren come over they just love to play with all
of them.  I cannot imagine life without a bengal.