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       Welcome to our cattery. We are a small breeder in PA. 
Breeding Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens both brown spotted
          and snow bengals.  Kittens are 100% guaranteed.



   Breeder of quality Bengals
           Our Cattery has been tested for FIV, Feline
    Leukemia and FIP (pcr), all tested NEGATIVE.

                                            Cattery Registration # 14076
   All of our cats and kittens are in our home. We have both pets and breeder/show quality kittens.
     We have both spotted and marbled kittens in either browns or snows. All TICA registered.

We have developed a very well organized and rounded cattery.  We are fully dedicated to the health
and excellence of the Bengal breed.    Our cattery is located in Pennsylvania, and is part of
our family environment and is an expensive and very serious hobby.  The price of our bengals
covers Vet expenses, screenings, food, supplies and cattery maintenance.  We work very hard to
ensure that you will get a Bengal kitten that is well socialized, well cared for and loved for you to
enjoy a lifetime.   We invite you to contact us with any concerns or questions.  We will be more 
then happy to talk to you.

EMAIL US  leopardlanecats@gmail.com


The Bengal is a hybrid, resulting from the crossing of a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat.
The name Bengal doesn't apply to the cat until the
fourth generation, when they are considered 
to be the most stable and domesticated.  Most pet Bengals are wild
only in looks, not in
personality. This breed
muscular, energetic, active, alert and intelligent.  The breed was
started in 1963 by Jean Mill.  They get along great with other family pets.

Bengals come in two patterns, spotted and marbled.  The spotted should be formed in a random
and horizontal pattern rather then vertical.  Rosettes are preferred over plain spots but good
contrast is very important.  The marbled pattern should flow horizontally, rather than a
bulls eye pattern and should resemble marble.


Leopardlanecats Cattery
Donna Achuff-Reinmiller
Boothwyn, PA. 19061
Email- leopardlanecats@gmail.com                        


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